Friday, August 29, 2008

~*Cindi M.*~

Will add info this weekend (Just wanted to post the picture)
Will add info this weekend (Just wanted to post the picture)

~*Cindy E.*~

Will add info this weekend (Just wanted to post the picture)

~*Ellen Gray*~

Ellen created a set of charms for her submission.
Shrink plastic, mounted on bingo chips and buttons mixed with beads.

Ellen sent me this beautiful polymer clay cane bead charm as a hostess gift.
I love it!
Thank you Ellen!

~*Donna Barnitz*~

A charming set made by Donna B. The glass piece is actually mounted over a pink rose, thus the leaves and stem.
The photo does not capture the delicate beauty of the image.

~*Elizabeth Woodford*~

This is a bead that Elizabeth made from rolled up foreign text.
It looks like it might be Farsi, Tamil, or perhaps Arabic?
Not sure!

~*Monica Magness*~

She inspired me to begin this exchange... Here she is, ~*Monica Magness*~ and her collaged fabric and paper charm, mixed media delights. This piece says "Begin"
Each of her charms are different.

~*Chris Hansen*~

Chris Hansen calls these charms her "White Knuckle Ride" Charms.
She made them by using expensive and sensitive glass, while still being a bit of a newbie.
So she felt as if she had to dive right in and try her best.
Feeling a bit like she was on a super fantastic *scary* roller coaster ride... She held on to the rail so tight, it turned her knuckles white.
Metaphorically speaking that is.
Click on the first picture to see the sparkle of the glass.

~*Studio Rose*~

Musical butterfly collage, mounted on polymer clay.
The edges glow in gold. Made by Lisa of ~*Studio Rose*~

~*Sabii Wabii*~

Plastic bobbins wound with colorful ribbon. So festive!

~*Brenda Wampler*~

This lovely soldered bottle charm was made by Brenda Wampler in Texas, USA

~*Terri Ventura*~

Terri sent an array of lovely pendant size assemblage/collage charms all sparkling and pretty.
Each one is packed within a painted, stamped and embossed box, filled with a green moss.

~*Martha's Menagerie*~

Dollops of glass surrounded by beautiful florish reliefs created by using polymer clay and paint.

Collaged polymer clay confections, crackled and aged to perfection.
Martha's Etsy shop, so you can buy her charms if you want to!
Click here! ~**~

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Think Pink participants...

If you have sent in your charms to me and would like to have your blog or website listed on a links list that I will be posting on the right hand side of this blog, please leave a comment WITH your link, and I will add it.

Thank you to all of you who followed through and shared in this very special project with us!
The charms are still coming in and the ones that have arrived already are pretty and nice.

I will be taking more pictures this week and hope to have all of the swap parcels packed and ready to ship by the first week of Sept.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Due time!

It is Due time gals!
Please send your pinks in to me ASAP!
Use *PINK*, magenta, fuchsia, white, black, silver, gold, copper, etc.
Just be sure to have the *PINK* stand out.
MAKE 'EM PRETTY! Sparkly if you can!

Karen E.
Nicki P.

Ellen G. Charms have arrived
Lilla LeVine Charms have arrived
Ronda A. Charms have arrived
Cindy E. Charms have arrived

Donna B. Charms have arrived July 9
Susan Z. Charms have arrived
Brenda W. Charms have arrived
Jan H. Charms have arrived
Terri V. Charms have arrived
Michelle B. Charms have arrived July
Michelle W. Charms have arrived
Orla S. Charms have arrived
Jan B. Charms have arrived
Erica Faith Charms have arrived
Amber Dawn Charms have arrived

Melinda Charms have arrived
Lana R Charms have arrived
Lisa M. Charms have arrived
Cindi Charms have arrived
Tracy Laine Charms have arrived
Holly M. Charms have arrived
Melissa M. Charms have arrived
Lori B. Charms have arrived

Pat Winter
Charms have arrived July
Mo Charms have arrived
Chris Hansen Charms have arrived
Elizabeth Charms have arrived July
Martha (Menagerie) Charms have arrived
Monica Magness
Charms have arrived
Terisa Charms have arrived July
Kai Charms have arrived

I will add pictures later in the month from more of the charms that have been coming in.
I am hoping to have the bracelets all done the third week of August.
Some of the swappers have sent in extra pieces, so I will be making another piece of jewelry to auction off.

Fun stuff!

Amber Dawn