Friday, July 18, 2008

Would you like to see some of the charms?

Elizabeth Woodford
Donna Barnitz

So far I have sets from Donna Barnitz. Pat Winter, & Elizabeth Woodford
Thank you for being so creative and neat!

Amber Dawn

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Woman in my life...

Cancer is something that does claim lives, but it is only just one form of a man killing disease.
The most deadly in my opinion is apathy.
So this is an effort to FIGHT apathy, and DO SOMETHING.

Until there is a cure, there is a fight, and hope.

I dedicate my set of charms to
Margie V,
Karen C.,
Karen L.,
Stella B.,
Amy K. P.,
Jan B.
Kelly S.!!!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No sign up deadline

Please feel welcome to join us.
This is a 12 for 10 swap, You send in 12 WONDERFUL loving and creative charms, and you will get 10 assorted ones back.
Please do not send in junk, and read the previous details in the first couple of posts below.
Since many keep asking why it is not a larger number to swap since so many are signed up, please consider the fact that this is more about the 2 charity charms than being a swap.
The extras are "bonuses" for each swapper to look forward to.
This is not a swap for the sake of being a swap, it is an opportunity for artists to gather together and do something active.

Thank you.
Amber Dawn