Friday, June 13, 2008

Sizes & Specs

Please note that the charms can be made of any material so long as it is sturdy enough to wear. And maybe get wet if someone washed their hands while wearing them on a bracelet. The size is up to each artist.
PLEASE keep them small enough to be considered a *CHARM*.
Smaller than one and one half inches with the findings is usually the standard.
Smaller than 1/2 inch may be too small. They should be works of your own art.
Please do not buy premade pink charms for the swap.
You may incorporate them in your charm, but they cannot be *the* charm on their own.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Presentation & Construction

If you would like to join us for this special event, please leave a comment.
All that I ask is that ALL of your charms are sturdy enough to wear and do not fall apart too easily. Remember to include a jumpring, or create a strong loop so that your charm can be hung. Keep them safe too- no toxic materials please.

Please check all of the charms and packaging in the light for any stray fuzz or pet hairs.

Do label each piece with your name and email address and if you want, feel free to include your Blog, Etsy, Ebay or general website so those who get your charms can contact you.

If you want, you can pack each charm in a mini ziplock bag, organza pouch, a home made pouch etc.
You can also send each charm tied to a tag or mounted on a card, and then add your info to that.
Keep it fun, full of light, love, hope, PINK and if you can, make them sparkle!